The farm

children in the field

On a trip with the school

a day on the farm

The children arrive on the buses and are received by the monitors who will accompany them throughout the day.

They go up to the picnic area to have breakfast and prepare to enjoy, hats and sunscreen if necessary. We also have water points located in many places for hydration.

Small groups are made so that each monitor can take the child to an immersive experience, making them enjoy and learn in each workshop.

At noon, the stop is made for the traditional farm lunch with all the children together again in the dining room. Always under the supervision of our fantastic team of monitors.

In the afternoon, they do workshops again. The children will always take home some tangible detail that they have made with their own hands and we strive to make the memories indelible.

Farewell and return to school by bus.



*All the activities are included in our schedules and adapted to the different educational levels.

What makes us special

welcome to our farm

We are an educational center at the service of school groups from the entire province of Malaga.

We are in Cerralba, Pizarra district, located between the Sierra de Gibralgalia, Zalea and the Casarabonela river, just 20 minutes from Malaga.

school excursions

Our main line of action is to receive daily school excursions. We offer educational programs designed for children to learn in an interactive and playful way about the importance of caring for and preserving our natural environment. Through practical and didactic activities, children will discover the beauty of nature and develop a greater environmental awareness.

Guided visits

Our guided tours are an excellent option for those who wish to explore our farm and discover the diversity of flora and fauna that it houses. Our expert guides will accompany you on an enriching tour, sharing knowledge about the local ecosystem and highlighting the importance of its conservation. During the summer, you can also enjoy our refreshing pool to complement your visit.

Our offer

Program and objectives

Our objective is to bring the school to the countryside, using it as a pedagogical instrument, offering services and complementary training, providing children with REAL contact with the ENVIRONMENT.

We have an extensive program of practical activities based on bringing children closer to NATURE from an ECOLOGICAL perspective and through a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals.