live like a farmer

View of the farm


Do you need to disconnect from the city? Contemplating the stars in the middle of nature?

Would you like to know what it feels like to be a farmer for a day?

Or simply, do you fancy spending a day in the country celebrating a special occasion?

In our rural house you can do all this and much more, we adapt to what you need.



farmer for a day

Take care of the animals, milk the cow, feed the sheep, the rabbits, the pigs, collect the eggs from the chickens...


Horse riding

Ride a horse in our facilities and in the surroundings in a privileged environment


The orchard

Collect fruit and vegetables from the trees, the organic garden and the greenhouse

attic room
Living room
outdoor dining area
Exterior view of the farm

Our facilities

You can also try our delicious homemade menus made with organic products.

Think about it, nature, breathing fresh air, like when you were a child in the countryside and surrounded by animals... Relive it and have your children also keep that memory in the future.

Contact us to book and find out about our special offers.